07/17/10 | Comments (2)
Image: Memory Lane
Repeat after me: "History Repeats." Do you believe in Magic? ----------------------- If we are going to be successful at trading or investing, we need to avoid the mistakes of the past, the lessons that history has taught us. Easier said ... Read More >
03/01/09 | Comments (0)
If you are looking for ways to develop an online business, there are plenty of resources out there. Check the links out when you have time. In this day and age, e-business is easy, affordable, and a great alternative to the real world solutions ... Read More >
02/27/09 | Comments (0)
Like a mad dog, he burst into my office yesterday, waving his arms and screaming viciously at me. I asked him nicely to leave, and he did; only to return with 5 or 6 of his friends. They all were shouting too, and a few of them did the unthinkabl... Read More >
01/25/09 | Comments (0)
What is the one thing you would do if you knew you could not fail? That power question has been posed by some of the greatest thinkers of our time. They are still waiting for our answer... Goals and plans and dreams and strategic thinking ar... Read More >
05/24/08 | Comments (0)
Website development is both a tedious and an exciting process. For the youthful, infinitely easier; for archaic folks a lot more challenging. The technology continues to evolve, and as we redesign our site to make it more interactive and user f... Read More >
03/02/08 | Comments (0)
Timothy Ferriss has put in front of us a concept that needs further exploring by any would-be wealth seeker. The basic premise is that with the global market place, we can hire out to people willing to do quality work at a much cheaper price then ... Read More >
02/03/08 | Comments (0)
Many small business owners and sales agents state this, hoping to claim it as their reality. Muhammed Ali was perhaps one of the first and most well known celebrities to assert this mantra, and he had the skill and heart to back it up. He was a t... Read More >
07/08/07 | Comments (0)
Supercrunching: Not another new cereal, but it is the kind of book you can really sink your teeth into. Granted, it's not summer reading at the beach material, but well worth a perusal by your eyeballs if you are interested in marketing. The autho... Read More >
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