Image: The hidden power of perseverance

Perseverance is the power and driving force behind all of our accomplishments. It gives hope to our dreams and provides resolve to meet our challenges.

You may have heard the story of the small mid-western town, suffering from a terrible drought. The local crops were the financial livelihood of the community and they were in serious jeopardy after going months without rain.

The farmers had gone to church regularly to pray for rain, seeking relief from their desperate situation. Finally, one day as the congregation sat quietly, the sound of rain hitting the roof began to echo throughout the church. In their happiness and joy they laughed and cried, thankful for the gift from above.

As the service ended, the grateful parishioners left their pews to return home. On the way out they discovered that Mr. Johnson, an old-timer of eighty-four years, was obviously the only one who had truly believed in the power of his prayers.

He was not getting wet, as he was the only one who had an umbrella raised high above his head.

Do you have that same unshakable belief about yourself and your ability to meet life’s challenges? Resolving never to quit until you accomplish your dreams is the best way known to get what you want in life.

Promise yourself you will never, ever give up. Believe in yourself.

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