Image: A million dollars of advice

Are you an avid reader? Or are you a Cliffs Notes devotee? Either way, here is some invaluable advice.

For those of you who would “get rich quick,” here is some simple advice: The “get rich” part is doable – but the “quick” aspect is less certain.

So here’s a shortcut. Buy How to be Rich , The Richest Man in Babylon , and Think and Grow Rich . If money is an issue, simply go to the bookstore, find these books, sit there and read these few pages.

Start reading each of them on pages 34, 35 and 36. For an inexplicable reason, there is unusually good advice on these same pages throughout all three books. Then read the rest of the books and apply the advice of these master wizards.

If you have intellectual curiosity and a desire to succeed, there is no better place to start.

Mental Growth
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