Image: The main event

What is the “main attraction” of your Life?

Stated another way: “What regular activity is highest on your list of priorities?” Stephen Covey articulates it best: “What one activity, performed consistently well, would have the most significant impact on the quality of your life?”

Constantly focusing and re-focusing on these activities is an absolute necessity for success.

There are many “sideshows” and distractions along the way. Some activities offer instant gratification, escapism, and provide relief from stress. Some are important because they provide “balance” to our life and allow us to recharge our batteries.

Thus, the importance of goals: They keep us focused on magnetizing our thoughts, bringing about the accomplishment of our dreams by energizing our daily actions.

We need to continue to work on ourselves. As we “become” more, we will attract the people and events into our life that will help bring our vision into reality.

Mental Growth
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