Image: The knowing is in the doing

Which one project or activity, if completed in an efficiently and effectively, would have the greatest positive impact on my life?

This is a question we can— and should— ask ourselves to help give us direction and purpose. Mentors, friends and relatives can’t help us here. We must use our own critical thinking to determine what needs to be done.

But actually doing what is necessary for our well being is another matter. Perhaps one of the most difficult challenges we are continuously faced with is developing the daily discipline to remain focused on this one thing.

Diet plans, time management, investment information—a wealth of information is available to us. Yet how many of us have actually put any of this advice to good use?

Reread the first paragraph. Do you know what needs to be done? Write it down on a piece of paper, frame it and put it on your desk as a constant reminder of the bigger picture. There is little opportunity for success without action, and even less without discipline.

If you need help determining your highest priority targets, you may want to read the action-oriented study, Unleash the Warrior Withinby Richard J. Machowicz, a 10 year veteran of the Navy Seals. Follow his “Carver Matrix” to quickly, easily, and continually define the necessary next steps to take.

Mental Growth
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