Image: Goals are important, but discipline is everything

It is a well-known fact that most New Year’s resolutions end in failure within 90 days.


In a word, discipline. The short-term satisfaction while indulging in junk food, for example, is more important at the time than our desire to see a slimmer waistline. Similarly, avoiding exercise to put off the near term discomfort overshadows our long-term desire to enjoy better health.

Our dream to have a Million Dollar net worth is also sabotaged by the little steps we fail to do on a daily basis. We come home tired from a day of work, and crash in front of the TV. Another week goes by, and although we still have our dreams, we have taken little constructive action propelling us away from our current lifestyle.

Are you a “nice guy”? Many of us are, and we think that entitles us to become rich beyond our wildest dreams. Being a nice guy only means that it will be easier to rally people around you. It does not automatically mean that all your financial problems are going to disappear!

A simple question: What are you doing to deserve to be wealthy?

Most of us need to jolt ourselves out of our comfort zone, and take action on the opportunities that are plentiful and easily within our grasp.

Just do it.

Mental Growth
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