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Are you financially independent yet?

What is financial independence, anyways?

We like to think of it as not having to work anymore for our basic living expenses. It’s a balance between our income and what we spend every month, without having to invest our time at a job.

Although not as much fun, reducing our expenses is one way to help better achieve this balance point. We are all too familiar with this approach: drive a less sophisticated car, skip expensive dinners out, or put off that vacation for another year.

But how do we create the income without having to be there?

How much thought have you given to that side of the equation?

Once we have solved that challenge, our mind and our time is free up to move to the next level. We can seek out additional ways to increase our income so that we can acquire more creature comforts (if that is our desire) or have more time to do the things we want to do.

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and individuals who are interested in making their own declaration of independence: Won’t you share your ideas with us?

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