12/20/11 | Comments (0)
Image: The Seasons of Life
Youth left his body a few years ago, but not his spirit. Father Time has a way of playing cruel tricks on us, like never giving us a definite time stamped on our tickets for departure. -------------- Winter came much too early for Kenny. ... Read More >
01/01/11 | Comments (0)
Image: Only Time
It's only time. Unless we forget, however, "it's the stuff of which life is made." ------- Yada, yada, yada...goals and plans. Good friend Maven remarked on Twitter yesterday: "Opening a gym called "Resolutions". Has exercise equipment 4 ... Read More >
12/04/10 | Comments (0)
Image: Dance to the Music of Time
Dance. 'Til death do us part. ------------ In a recent post, I mentioned we are approaching a season of darkness. The daylight hours are woefully short, and by 4:30, it is time to light the fireplace instead of heading to the pool. Wha... Read More >
03/10/09 | Comments (0)
I am reminded of the story of the three blind Hindus that come upon an elephant and their perceptions differ based upon the part of the body they touch. A few short stories may help us all get a better picture of the man that some of us knew as Mr. P... Read More >
02/15/09 | Comments (0)
In the Real Wealth Blog, we profile special people in our lives who shared their gifts with us. If you know some one who you would like to have us include as a special person in this section, please send us the details and we will see what we ca... Read More >
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