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It’s only time.

Unless we forget, however, “it’s the stuff of which life is made.”


Yada, yada, yada…goals and plans.

Good friend Maven remarked on Twitter yesterday: “Opening a gym called “Resolutions”. Has exercise equipment 4 the 1st 2 weeks of each year, then becomes a doughnut shop 4 the remaining 50.


Jim Rohn as both readers of this column know, is one of my favorites.

He was explicit in his understanding of human weakness.

“In the Bible, The book of Acts is an amazing story…you won’t believe what they DID.”


Super star Og Mandino had as one of his key thoughts: “I will ACT now”.

What are your key thoughts?


What did you ship?


Measuring the success of our life by things we have accomplished, or acquired, is normal.

As we embark on a new year, our resolve will be tested, as we quickly return to the habits that shackle us to our past.

If our values are to serve us, we need to first focus on the end result. Then act to make our dreams become reality.


I enjoyed a marvelous New Year’s Eve dinner last night. Across the table from me sat an attractive woman who I would guess is in her thirty’s.

She wore a simple but elegant outfit, and had some specially chosen silver bracelets and ear rings that demonstrated a confident but unpretentious attitude.

She was slim and petite; and was wearing clothes that were the same size she wore in high school.

We started with Proseco and California rolls, and enjoyed Baked Shrimp Scampi and angel hair she made for us. My contribution was making a tossed salad. She surprised me with cannolis for dessert.

I uncorked a bottle of Masi. We talked at dinner about the past year; the friends we lost, new ones we met. ¬†We agreed to open a special bottle in a few days; one we bought near Milan about 10 years ago. Jennifer is expecting “Chicken and Moe” in a few days, and this will celebrate their arrival, as well as Nina’s. It will also be a toast to our loved ones we lost.

“What’s the year on this bottle, 2005?” my wife asked me. “It really is a nice wine.”

She just stared at me through the candle light as I said “1995”.


“Well, let’s just enjoy this special bottle, and celebrate a bit early.”


I am still a clod at many things; unsophisticated, making mistakes, and generally stumbling along as many of us do.

I love watching sports; football, basketball, baseball, golf. I have learned to enjoy the softer side as well, things of culture, as a result of tuning into my wife’s perspective.

I would still only be living in the dark ages of Football and Potato chips were it not for the influence of my amazing wife, who is soon to be a grandmother for the fifth time in a few days.

To the boomers: There is hope for us.

Making mistakes is part of the process; as we learn the lessons, as Og Mandino shows us, we can move beyond them to enjoy a life of love and joy, and help others to do the same.

It’s only time; what we do with it is up to us.

Make it a great year.

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