01/08/11 | Comments (0)
Image: Back to the Future
Think about the Future. Vivienne and Henry, welcome to my world. Nina too. George and Lucy, it's a good time for you to start thinking about these things, so I am planting a few seeds. ------------------------- You have been born at a tim... Read More >
08/15/10 | Comments (0)
Image: Lemon Aid
Do you or a loved one need financial assistance? I have come across a terrific, but  little known Government program designed to assist Veterans and their dependents. --------------------------------------------- If you are of my generation... Read More >
02/22/09 | Comments (0)
Dreams may come true and slumdogs can become millionaires... The reality of life, however, is that there are millions of slumdogs... and most never escape the grinding poverty of their surroundings. Some are set up by unscrupulous business... Read More >
01/04/09 | Comments (0)
The law of Holes is brilliantly elegant in it's simplicity. If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. A friend of mine called and asked me for advice. He was comfortable asking me, because he knew I had learned from my own financial mistake... Read More >
12/14/08 | Comments (0)
The usual sentiment of "Home for the Holidays" has taken on new meaning this year. The latest figures from the government show that job losses are increasing, and that means more people are looking for work and likely to be spending less this shop... Read More >
11/29/08 | Comments (0)
In the current economic Killing Fields, the culprits are being identified as the CRA, and it is thought by some that they themselves are the ones that need to be killed. Finger pointing the blame on where the mess got started is not only an academ... Read More >
11/23/08 | Comments (0)
With the economy in tough shape this year, it is easy to become cynical and removed from our traditional values. We have much to be thankful for, and need to remember that. Give yourself a present this Holiday. After the family and friends hav... Read More >
11/09/08 | Comments (0)
Senator John McCain as a president is history, as the country now awaits for President-elect Barack Obama to tackle the challenges ahead. The charismatic leader will now have to appoint a team that helps him strategize how to get out of this mes... Read More >
08/10/08 | Comments (0)
Those were the days; a simpler life. Sunday nights were for family dinners and Ed Sullivan. Mom stayed home and raised the kids while Pop went to work. While nostalgic thoughts are important parts of our psyche, Happy Days are not here again. ... Read More >
08/02/08 | Comments (0)
The economy continues to shrivel, and is being shrink-wrapped by the media hype of gloom and doom. We have had our share of Asian contagion, mad cow disease, Y2K, and other memorable fears. The reality is that life goes on, (and that's a good t... Read More >
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