Image: Little ideas are uninspiring

Can you not see the forest for the trees? What is the potential of the seeds you are sowing? Are you focusing your energy on a small business that will always be a sapling or on concepts that will thrive and grow into a redwood forest?

Structuring your business model and positioning your endeavors to grow without constraint or limitation is a decision that you make — and one that is crucial to your success.

Today’s global marketplace offers any business the opportunity to deliver a product of value (especially intellectual) quickly, easily and inexpensively. But because of this we are challenged to think big. No longer must we be satisfied with limited distribution or access to our potential customers. The sky is the limit.

Creative Imagination is the sixth sense that Napoleon Hill refers to in Think and Grow Rich. Explore the possible products or services that you can provide while utilizing the principles of The Laws of Wealth.

Discard the ones that have limited growth potential, then nourish and invest your time and resources on your winners as they begin to sprout.

You do believe in multiple businesses, don’t you?

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