Image: Perfection is not an option

Perfection is an illusive goal that will lead you down the path to the Law of Diminishing Returns. Simply put, can we really afford to continue to spend more time, more money and more resources to achieve only minimally incremental benefits? When planning, our old friend, the 80/20 Rule, reminds us to prioritize our activities.

The wastefulness of putting 80% of your effort into gaining the last 20% of results from our activity is clearly illustrated by the Highest and Best Use of Our Time principle. If you do not prioritize your time, you won’t have enough left over to pursue higher payoff activities to benefit your business.

The secret? Identify which 20% of your activities will yield you 80% of your results, create laser-like focus on accomplishing these tasks first and move on to your next high priority item to repeat the process. Step back and look at the bigger picture. Determine your highest priority items, make your lists and set out to accomplish them one by one until completed.

Once you’ve started your momentum, keep it moving forward. Set aside blocks of time to systematically make your progress – schedule appointments with yourself if necessary. But keep moving. Do not get caught up in the details of perfection.

Simply put, strive for excellence, not perfection. It’s good enough.

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